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Smells Like Flowers is a full service creative floral studio.  We create + grow in Peterborough, On and maintain a small (private) studio in Toronto, ON.  We service Toronto and Peterborough and everywhere in between.  As a young business, we are open to all creative collaborations; however, we specialize in corporate design, creative direction and set design, as well as wedding and event design.  At the core of all of our designs is an urge to express the feelings that owner, Bethany Rose Puttkemery, experiences when she is immersed in nature; an unbridled sense of curiosity, a sense of belonging, a surge of creative energy, and above all else, a sense of play.  

Smells Like Flowers can be identified by their use of colour, their contemporary yet playful design style and by their oversized sculptural + installation work.  As a queer womxn Puttkemery prioritizes collaborations, clients, and team members that support and uplift her community.       



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Bethany Rose Puttkemery (she/her)

Creative Director + CEO

Puttkemery has been a florist for the past 7+ years.  Before launching SLF Puttkemery  was the "Lead Designer" at Wild North Flowers (Toronto) for 3 years.  Her time at Wild North equipped her with key experience managing corporate clients, honing her creativity, and ample time to establish a strong sense of personal design style. 

Puttkemery received a BFA from OCAD University in 2007 in Criticism and Curatorial Practice, providing her with a trained understanding of contemporary art practices.  Her art background can be sited in her keen sense of colour, her refined sense of balance, and her ability to execute large creative installations.

Smells Like Flowers is a dream realized.  SLF was born out of the urge to be self-sufficient, to be creatively unhinged, and to forge a path that honours a deep love for nature.  A personal move to Peterborough has allowed Puttkemery to begin growing flowers and to explore new creative opportunities.  Follow along with Smells Like Flowers on Instagram (@smellslikeflowers_) for all of our latest creative endeavours.  


Corporate Events

SLF Specializes in creative installaltions and projects that support brand development.  We love nothing more than takin' ideas and supporting brands to make serious impact with their clients.  Click on the link below to inquire about booking us or to learn more.    

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SLF weddings are all about the dream factor.  We connect with our clients and dig deep to establish a unique creative direction for each of our clients.  We love celebrating love!  Click on the link below to learn more, inquire about booking with us, or to check out some of our past weddings.  

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Creative Direction

Our truest passion is creative direction.  We like to think big and we like to think out of the box.  We're all about colour and uplifting energy.  Sound like you?  Click the link below to learn more and get in touch.  

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Subscriptions +  Custom Deliveries

We offer 3/month and 6/month subscription packages.  They are delivered on the first Friday of every month.  We also offer custom deliveries Weds - Friday every week.  Click the link below to learn more + place an order.  

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T-Shirts, Long Sleeves, and naturally dyed goods.  Learn about our apparel options by clicking the link below.  

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