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SLF Subscription

$135.00 CAD

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Beautiful blooms to liven the everyday.  This subscription was birthed in the darkness of COVID-19.  I felt it necessary to provide affordable flowers for my clients.  I truly believe that flowers are little energy shifters and can help to integrate joy into the everyday.    

Each subscription is composed of  5-20 stems of flowers, dependent on variety.  The delivery is always on the first Friday of each month.  

A few more key details:

1.  If a holiday falls on the first Friday than subscriptions are delivered on the Thursday before

2.  The delivery window is from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm on Fridays

3.  Your subscription goes to the same address each time

4.  If you require delivery outside of Toronto's downtown core that can be accommodated with an additional delivery fee dependent on the address.

5.  Shipping cost is inclusive of all 3 deliveries.  

6.  Price is inclusive of tax

Once you've placed your order we will send you a personal e-mail with your delivery dates and confirmation.  If you are sending this as a gift you can let us know via e-mail and we can organize a physical gift card for you to be sent out with your first subscription or via mail beforehand.   

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